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Have you heard? USDA extended FREE MEALS for 

ALL Children 18 and under until June 30, 2022!   

This includes all breakfasts and lunches served to children in school as well as remote meals.  Beginning April 22, 2021, remote meal sign up is closed to the community. ONLY parents/guardians of eligible Hamburg District students will receive an email with  the link to sign up. Eligible students include ALL full remote students (Cohort D) and ONLY Cohorts A & B in Middle and High school.  Elementary students attending class in person and all Cohort C students are no longer eligible for remote meals as breakfast and lunch is available daily for them in school at no charge.  

We appreciate your giving school meals a try!  Every day we work hard to provide our students yummy and nutritious meals to help them stay focused and healthy.  No better time to give them a try than now, when they're FREE


Elementary School Breakfast Information

Students will be eating breakfast at 6' socially distanced desks in the school gymnasiums or another designated eating area.  Every student that would like a school breakfast should report to their designated eating area where meal bags will be distributed.   

Students do NOT need to sign up.  All unopened, packaged, non-perishable items can be taken for later consumption and are ok for the child to put in their backpack.  This DOES NOT include dairy products that can only be at room temperature for a max of two hours.


If you have any questions regarding Hamburg School Meals programs, please email Anne Rich,


Farm to School/FarmToSchool

                                  Click link to learn more about Farm to School from

                                  Cornell Cooperative Extension, Erie County 




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